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Terror Castle Scène 4 - Le Fantôme et sa corde (Chapitre 14)

"There seem to be several doors," Jupiter remarked. "I wonder which we should take?"
  "As far as I am concerned - Ugh!" Pete let out a strangled exclamation as he half turned and saw a woman in long flowing robes looking at them. She wore clothes such as Pete had seen in pictures painted three hundred years before, and tied around her neck was a rope. The unattached end of the rope fell down across her robe to her feet. She had her hands tucked into her flowing sleeves, and was looking at the boys with an expression of sorrow.   Pete reached out and tugged at Jupe's jacket. "What is it?" Jupiter asked.   "L-look," Pete stuttered. "We aren't alone. We have company."   Jupiter turned an Pete felt him stiffen. That meant he saw her - the woman who was watching them, not moving, not breathing, just standing there watching. Pete guessed he knew who she was all right. She was the ghost of the woman Mr. Rex had told them about,…